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How to clean when in depression?

When you are depressed, there’s a whole bunch of going on situations and cleaning the house is not a priority. The priorities are eating, exercising and taking a shower. And it’s tough for a depressed person to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone clean their house. That’s one of the reasons it is so hard to clean when you are depressed.

What we suggest doing is to start small and built things up. Start with easy things that might not feel like a big thing to you. These tasks vary from person to person. For some, an easy task can be making your bed, dusting your table, changing your bedsheets, and so on. Try to repeat this task every day for one week straight. After a week, do little more complicated tasks such as picking your clothes and trying to fold them. Every time you change, try not to throw them in the ground. Instead, pick it up and fold it or put it in the laundry. When you start putting your clothes in their place, you avoid thing piling up; therefore, you won’t begin to feel guilty because, in a way, you are picking up after yourself.

After a while: Start to take care of your dishes too. To avoid your dishes piling up, wash them immediately after you use them. If you feel that you can’t do them all at once, try to clean at least one plate every hour. Repeat the same thing until you feel you can wash your dishes all at once.

There may come the point where you might feel like you need help, and you decide to hire someone to help you. The problem is that most people who are fighting with depression won’t hire house cleaners because they might feel guilty about having someone come to their house and see how you live. We would like you to know that judging you or your conditions is the last thing we would do. It is vital to pick the right cleaning company, and we guarantee you that you will like your experience. Our staff would be more than happy to help you through these difficult times. We can be as friendly or as quiet as you would like. We can even show you some little tips on how to keep up with house chores!


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