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Zero waste cleaning supplies

We all know that air, water, and environmental pollutions are unfortunately happening right now on our planet. Our company takes these threats seriously. We use environmentally friendly products when offering our services. So today, we are going to show you some zero waste cleaning supplies and how you can create them too. In this way, you protect our planet and contribute to making the world a better and cleaner place!
If you have some old shirts that you don’t wear anymore, they can come in handy when it comes to dusting. Cut your old shirt with the measurements you like and see how that this life hack will not be better for the environment but for your pocket too! To clean your tissue, just throw it in the washing machine and wash it as you would normally. And watch as you’ll get a clean tissue just like new! The best material to use is cotton as it absorbs the liquids better; therefore helping you have the best results.
Baking soda and white vinegar and lemon: We are sure you might have listened for this combination before, but we can’t just get enough in how good, and functional this hack is. You would get surprised how many surfaces you could clean with this combination – your oven, your sink, even in between tiles space on your floor that can be annoying. Just leave the combination to react for 3-5 minutes, then scrub and watch your place be squeaky clean!

Sunflower oil and vinegar: If you have a wooden surface at your home, such as a table, the floor, the doors and so on. This combination will help you regain glow on a wooden surface. In bucket throw, the oil and the vinegar in a rotation 2:1 (for 2 cups of oil, use 1 cup vinegar), then start to polish your surface with a washcloth. We guarantee you will never give up on this hack anymore!


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